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New Black Belt In The Club

Congratulations to Eóin McKenna on passing his Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) today in Cork with Fumitoshi Kanazawa Sensei

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Grading Success

Well done to all our students who graded with Fumitoshi Kanazawa Sensei last week.
Eóin McKenna Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)
William Peters 1st Kyu (3rd Brown Belt)
Paddy Coen 2nd Kyu (2rd Brown Belt)
Peter Kavanagh 4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
Jaia Kavanagh 4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
Barry Murphy 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Eóin Murphy 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

Pictured (L-R):

Jaia Kavanagh, Patrice Berthaud, Eóin Murphy, Paddy Coen, Eóin McKenna, Peter Kavanagh, William Peters, Barry Murphy, Kacper Kaczmarczyk

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Successful Grading with Suzuki Sensei

Congratulations to  club members who successfully graded with Suzuki Sensei. Pictured below are William Peter who graded for 2nd Kyu Brown Belt, Eóin and Barry Murphy who graded for 9th Kyu White Belt.

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Senior Club Members with Suzuki Sensei

On Tuesday 11th November, senior club members had the opportunity to train with SKIF Instructor Ryusho Suzuki Sensei (6th Dan)

Senior Club Members with Suzuki SenseiL-R: Paddy Coen, Eóin McKenna, Ryusho Suzuki Sensei, James Mansfield, William Peters

(Photo by Steven Rees)

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