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Grading Success with Shuseki Shihan Murakami

Well done to all our students who graded with Shuseki Shihan Murakami 8th Dan. Special congratulations to Paddy Coen who successully passed his Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) in Cork.

Paddy Coen 1st Dan (Black Belt)
Patrice Berthaud 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)
Peter Kavanagh 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt)
Barry Murphy 5th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Eóin Murphy 5th Kyu (Blue Belt)
Keith Beirne 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Oisín Murphy 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Jane Marshall 9th Kyu (White Belt)


(L-R) Keith Beirne, Oisín Murphy, Eóin Murphy, Barry Murphy, Jane Marshall, Patrice Berthaud


(L-R) Keith Beirne, Paddy Coen, Peter Kavanagh, Barry Murphy
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Club Success At Kanazawa Cup

Well done to club members Jaia Kavanagh, Barry Murphy, Eóin Murphy and William Peters who took part in the Kanazawa Cup competition which was held in Clonmel on Sunday June 28th. Jaia and Barry won Silver medals in their respective Kata categories.

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St. Patricks Day Parade 2015

Well done to our club members who took part in the St. Patricks Day Parade on receiving a commendation – Eóin McKenna, Paddy Coen, William Peters, Barry & Eóin Murphy put on a great display in front of the reviewing stand. Eóin Murphy deserves special mention as he was the star of the display taking on the senior club members and showing what our junior members can do.


Photos courtesy of Rachel Fox Murphy

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Club Demonstration At Rush Harbour Festival

On 1st August 2014, members of the club put on a demonstration at the Rush Harbour Festival

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