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Rush and Lusk Karate Club are now accepting new members

*** Limited spaces available for January 2018 ***

Classes take place on Mondays & Thursdays from 8pm to 9pm at Rush National School, Channel Road
Training for Adults and Kids (Aged 8+)
Monthly (to be paid on the first of each month):
Juniors (8-16) €25
Seniors (17+) €50
Family discounts available on monthly fees for families with 3 or more members currently training.
Nightly (to be paid on the night of training)
Juniors (8-16) €5
Seniors (17+) €10

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December Training Schedule

There will be no training on Thursday 7th and Monday 18th will be the last class of 2017.

Shuseki Shihan Manabu Murakami Grading Results

Well done to our club members who graded with Shuseki Shihan Manabu Murakami on Saturday 21st October
Peter Kavanagh 2nd Kyu – 2nd Brown Belt
Barry Murphy 3rd Kyu – 1st Brown Belt
Eóin Murphy 3rd Kyu – 1st Brown Belt
Keith Beirne 5th Kyu – Blue Belt
Oisín Murphy 6th Kyu – Green Belt
Dominic Kelly 9th Kyu – 1st White Belt
Eoin Dungan-Derham 9th Kyu – 1st White Belt
Tara Coen 9th Kyu – 1st White Belt

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Spring Seminar with Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa

Well done to our club members who successfully graded with Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa

Jane Marshall 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Oisín Murphy 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Keith Beirne 6th Kyu (Green Belt)
Barry Murphy 4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
Eóin Murphy 4th Kyu (Purple Belt)
Patrice Berthaud 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)

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